The Fire in your Belly.

If I were to list for you, all the things for you that bring me joy, a good campfire would have to be somewhere up the top of my list…watching the flames gently flickering and slowly burn is so mesmerizing!

In Chinese Medicine, the Stomach and Spleen are the star players when it comes to digestion, and we often refer to them collectively as our ‘Digestive Fire’. In the same way you would a campfire, you want to make sure your digestive fire continues to crackle away, slowly breaking down the foods that you ingest and utilising these components as essential nutrients throughout the body.

If you were to pile a bucket of wet, damp leaves or cold water on the fire, it would start to smoulder and eventually go out. Naturally, if you swamp your digestion with excess amounts of cold smoothies, juices, salads and generally cold foods, it is going to start to struggle. Instead of sending essential nutrients out to the body to make it function, that energy is being put in to continuously trying to break the foods down, hence you start to feel heavy, fatigued and generally pretty lousy.

As the cooler season is really starting to set in here, giving your digestive system that little extra TLC is so important.

Try these simple winter hacks to help your digestive fire stays alight during the cooler months;

  1. Start your day with a warming breakfast. Porridge with warming spices such as cinnamon and cardamom is like a big hug for your Spleen. Sweeten with a little honey and you’ll be ready to take on the day!
  2. Avoid consuming excess smoothies and juices throughout the cooler months. If you really can’t cut them out completely, incorporate some fresh ginger and hold the ice!
  3. Try warming salads with plenty of roast veggies and some cooked quinoa or rice.
  4. Avoid drinking refrigerated or cold water. Opt for room temp or even add a dash of hot water to your glass.

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