Initial Consult | 90mins | $170

Follow Up | 45 – 60mins | $110

Kids (Follow Up) <16yo | $85

Private Health Rebates Accepted

What to Expect

If you’ve never seen a Chinese Medicine practitioner before, your initial consult may seem a little daunting. Please, be open with your practitioner and let them know how you are feeling.

In your initial treatment, your practitioner will gather a detailed compilation of your main symptoms as well as some other simple information to help paint a picture of ‘you’. This may include sleep patterns, emotions, menstrual cycle (for the female clients), thirst/appetite, past medical history and more. Some things may seem a little unusual to you at first, but always ask questions if you’re unsure. In Chinese Medicine we compile all the patient information before beginning treatment, in order to understand the whole picture.

After some questioning, we may take your pulse and ask to look at your tongue. This allows us to look at physical components that may reveal more clues to your overall state of wellbeing.

Once we have gathered all the information, we will get you up on the treatment table. Depending on the condition, you may be required to remove your top or pants, but only if you are comfortable. We will always ensure you a covered by towels to respect your privacy.

The needles themselves are very fine, sterile and single use, and most patients report hardly feeling acupuncture needles going in at all! However, you may experience a dull aching sensation, a gentle pulling or a subtle warmth or tingling. These are all very normal sensations and often patients are amazed at how relaxing the needles are. Any sensation that is too strong or distracting, we can always adjust, so make sure you communicate with your practitioner about how you are feeling.

In addition to the very fine acupuncture needles, we may also use traditional cupping methods, moxibustion (a herb that provides a lovely warming feeling to the body when lit), herbal linaments and other techniques to help you leave the clinic feeling an improvement.

At the end of your consult, your practitioner will go over any lifestyle/dietary advice that may be relevant to your condition, and help answer any questions you may have.

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Ease Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

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