Ease was founded with the intention of creating a space for individuals to find their state of balance, whatever their health journey may be. We understand that ‘health’ is a completely individual journey and continuously changes throughout the your life.

Whether it be aches and pains, troubles with sleep, mental/emotional health, hormonal, digestive, or simply some health maintenance or relaxation – our Acupuncturist Felicity Ling will tailor a treatment program just for you.

Ease provides acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatments, based on the South Coast, NSW. Ease is not simply and in-and-out treatment but rather a supportive and self-empowering journey to achieve your health and wellness goals, whatever they may be.

Interested in finding your Ease? We are always happy to chat! Contact us or come in and say hi!

P: 0487 858 394
E: info@ease-acupuncture.com


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