Felicity Ling BHSc (Acu)

Hi, my name is Felicity; I am a registered practitioner of acupuncture and the founder of Ease Acupuncture.

I believe, that with the right tools and approach, we all have the capacity to achieve our own personal state of optimal health and wellbeing.

Living a healthy, or balanced life is a very personal journey. It is a journey that is constantly changing, and one we must endeavour to adapt to, in order to grow. I have a passion for working with your body as a whole, assisting you to understand the presenting symptoms and how they may be connected. With constant change in our day-to-day life; be it our external environment, changes in the weather, relationships, work and the food/drink we consume, this balance is constantly adjusting.

My gentle approach may utilise a combination of techniques during your treatments including acupuncture, moxibustion, guasha, cupping, tui na (Chinese remedial massage) and herbal medicine. I also find the simplicity of Chinese dietary and lifestyle advice particularly rewarding in assisting you to achieve your optimal health and quality of life.

Whilst trained in treating an extensive range of disorders in various bodily systems, much of my passion lies within women’s health and fertility assisting with menstrual/gynaecological irregularities, natural fertility and IVF assistance. I am also particularly fascinated by the connection of gut heath to an individual’s overall state of wellbeing and have aided many patients with the management of digestive troubles, stress and anxiety.

I am an AHPRA-Registered Acupuncturist and have completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Acupuncture. I am also a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA).

My love for Chinese Medicine was first sparked when my mum took me to an acupuncturist for a sporting injury at a young age. I was so fascinated in the gentle, yet effective approach, I just had to learn more!

Curious? I’d love to help you out! Get in touch – info@ease-acupuncture.com

* Private Health Fund rebates available.

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